3-weapon fencing in south Nottingham  
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LPJS Robin Hood Foil 2018

Thankyou to everyone who refereed, armoured, catered, laid pistes, cleared pistes, kept score and (most importantly) fenced at the Robin Hood Foil on Saturday. Hope you all had a good day and a safe journey home. Full results for all the events are available at the links below.

U9 Men's Foil U9 Women's Foil
U11 Men's Foil U11 Women's Foil
U13 Men's Foil U13 Women's Foil
U15 Men's Foil U15 Women's Foil

EMBI 2018: Saturday 3rd February

Thanks to all those involved in the set-up and running of the competition, and congratulations to all those who took part. We hope you had an enjoyable day Full results can be found at the links below. Final rankings for foil and epee are shown on the DE links. The positions shown on the poule links are the rankings after the combined poules.

Beginner Foil Poules Beginner Men's Foil DE Beginner Women's Foil DE
Beginner Epee Poules Beginner Men's Epee DE Beginner Women's Epee DE
Beginner Sabre    
Intermediate Foil Poules Intermediate Men's Foil DE Intermediate Women's Foil DE
Intermediate Epee Poules Intermediate Men's Epee DE Intermediate Women's Epee DE
Intermediate Sabre    
Junior Foil    


LPJS Robin Hood Foil: Sat 9th October

Thankyou, as always, to all those who helped with the running of the Robin Hood foil. Without our team of volunteers to set up pistes, man the check-in desk, run DT, keep the spools, socreboxes and weapons working, referee the matches and keep the refreshment stall running we would not have an event. Thanks to all the parents who brought the competitors to the event and to everyone who competed. Results are as follows:-

U9 Men DE U9 Women DE
U11 Men U11 Women
U13 Men U13 Women
U15 Men U15 Women


EMBI 2017: Sat 11th February

Many thanks to all those who made the running of the competition possible. We would not be able to do the event without the help of those who come out to support us, so thanks to everyone who set up the hall on Friday night, to Ian for checking all the equipment, to all the referees (especially Olivia, Alex and Izzy for their help with the Junior competition), the guardians of the snack stall and to Ian and Tom for running a tight ship up in DT.

We hope everyone who entered had an enjoyable day's fencing and that those of you who were taking the plunge and entering your first event will be inspired to do more in future.

Results are:-

Men's Foil - Beginners Men's Foil - Intermediate
Women's Foil - Beginners Women's Foil - Intermediate
Men's Epee - Beginners Men's Epee - Intermediate
U13 Foil  

LPJS Robin Hood Foil 2016

Radcliffe Sword Club would like to say a massive 'thankyou' to all the referees, volunteers, helpers, competitors, parents and coaches who came to the Robin Hood Foil on 3rd September. Special thanks to the guys from Four of Clubs who helped referee on the day and to all those who tooks the time to stop and say the day went well - it is much appreciated!

Full results for all categories can be found by clicking below:-

U9 Boys U9 Girls
U11 Boys U11 Girls
U13 Boys U13 Girls
U15 Boys U15 Girls


East Midlands Beginner and Intermediate Championships 2016

Thanks to all those who competed, refereed, armoured, baked, laid and cleared up pistes and supplied the boundless levels of enthusiam to make the day a success. Congratulations to all the medalists and to all those who were taking the plunge in their first competition. We hope to see all of you are still eligible competing again next year - and for those who will no longer be eligible I am sure we will be able to find a job for you!

Full results are:-

Beginner Mens Foil
Beginner Womens Foil
Intermediate Mens Foil
Intermediate Womens Foil

EMBI 2015 Results

BF Poules BF Ranking BMF Final BMF Tableaux
BWF Final BWF Tableaux IF Poules IF Ranking
IME Poules IME Ranking IME Tableaux IME Final
IMF Tableaux IMF Final IWF Tableaux IWF Final

Robin Hood LPJS - 17/05/2014


U9 Mens Foil U9 Mens Foil_1 U9 Womens Foil
U11 Mens Foil U11 Womens Foil U13 Mens Foil
U13 Womens Foil U15 Mens Foil U15 Womens Foil



East Midlands BYC Qualifiers 2014 - Results

U12 M Epee U12 M Foil U12 M Sabre
U12 W Epee U12 W Foil U12 W Sabre
U14 M Epee U14 M Foil U14 M Sabre
U14 W Epee U14 W Foil U14 W Sabre
U16 M Epee U16 M Foil U16 M Sabre
U16 W Epee U16 W Foil U16 W Sabre
U18 M Epee U18 M Foil U18 M Sabre
U18 W Epee U18 W Foil U18 W Sabre



East Midlands Beginners & Intermediate Championships 2014 - Results

BME Final Ranking
BMF Final Ranking
BMS Final Ranking
BWE Final Ranking
BWF Final Ranking
BWS Final Ranking
IME Final Ranking
IMF Final Ranking
IMS Final Ranking
IWE Final Ranking
IWF Final Ranking
IWS Final Ranking